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    The Emergence of Knowledge Analysis: Change and Knowledge Management in Large Law Firms

    Lexis Nexis' webinar discusses the continued importance of Knowledge Management in client service.

    Alleviate Discovery Pain: Revive Your Enterprise Information Management Approach

    The expansion of compliance regulations and mandates for information management coupled with the increase in litigation support and discovery requests has resulted in organizations struggling to keep pace.

    Preparation for Information Management Risks and New Global Regulations

    What does risk readiness mean in today’s world and what are the top five information management risks most discussed by General Counsel today?

    Responding Effectively to Global FCPA Enforcement Inquiries

    In this webinar, Recommind and AmLaw 40 firm Fulbright & Jaworski will share their experiences developing solutions to quickly and effectively respond to government investigations and document requests in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

    The Enterprise Myth: Separating eDiscovery Fact From Fiction

    Join IPRO and a diverse panel of eDiscovery experts as they separate fact from fiction on a variety of Enterprise eDiscovery topics such as ECM, SaaS, what consitutes and true Enterprise solution, and more!

    A Smarter Approach to E-Discovery: Integrating Workflow and Technology to Streamline your Process

    In e-discovery, one size does not fit all. This webinar explores the important role workflow plays in e-discovery and how automating the process through technology can improve efficiency for both legal and IT teams.

    E-Discovery Project Management and Legal Hold: A Practical Approach for Law Firms

    This webcast provides a step-by-step overview on how project management principles can be applied to case management, legal holds and the e-discovery processes to cut costs, mitigate risks and reduce errors.

    LPO 2.0: Beyond Document Review and Towards Strategic Partnerships

    In this webinar a panel of leading industry experts will discuss the evolution of legal process outsourcing, including recent trend shifts and new directions.

    Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Sanctions

    The emergence of the “cloud” has revolutionized the storage of electronically stored information (ESI). And, where ESI goes, so does e-discovery. This webcast will explore evolving best practices for managing cloud-based ESI during discovery.

    Legal Service Providers: Balancing Outsourcing and In-house Implementation of E-Discovery

    Whether in response to a specific complex litigation or as cost containment in response to on-going litigation, it is critical to carefully consider which legal processes to outsource and what to implement in-house.