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    Keywords for November 2012

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    SaaS eDiscovery - Effective Practices from Lessons Learned

    In this webinar, panelists discuss how SaaS can improve responsiveness, lower capital expense, and reduce risk through better collaboration.

    E-Discovery Webinar Series

    An e-discovery webinar series brought to you by EMC and the New York Law Journal

    The Emergence of Knowledge Analysis: Change and Knowledge Management in Large Law Firms

    Lexis Nexis' webinar discusses the continued importance of Knowledge Management in client service.

    Alleviate Discovery Pain: Revive Your Enterprise Information Management Approach

    The expansion of compliance regulations and mandates for information management coupled with the increase in litigation support and discovery requests has resulted in organizations struggling to keep pace.

    Preparation for Information Management Risks and New Global Regulations

    What does risk readiness mean in today’s world and what are the top five information management risks most discussed by General Counsel today?

    Corporate Responses to Social Media: Brand Awareness, Protection, and Risk

    Corporations have embraced social media to create and enhance their online presence using platforms such as Facebook® and Twitter®. However, the added brand awareness and potential new business can come at a steep price for companies without the know

    Get Ahead on Your Legal Strategy: When to Leverage Case Assessment Solutions

    Early insight into the available data helps you accurately assess risk and cost of litigation, and gives you the background you need to develop an effective legal approach.

    Embracing eDiscovery as Business Process

    General counsel, outside counsel and eDiscovery solution providers are moving from a reactive form of eDiscovery run matter-by-matter to a more proactive, strategic approach that emphasizes integrated applications and repeatable business processes.

    Do the Ends Justify the Means? Applying the Proportionality Yardstick in eDiscovery

    Proportionality is intrinsic to the pursuit of a just, speedy and inexpensive resolution to litigation. While it is rational to reduce the scope of eDiscovery productions to what is proportional to the importance and value of the case...

    Responding Effectively to Global FCPA Enforcement Inquiries

    In this webinar, Recommind and AmLaw 40 firm Fulbright & Jaworski will share their experiences developing solutions to quickly and effectively respond to government investigations and document requests in a cost-effective and efficient manner.