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    IEEE 1394, or FireWire, has been a proven and popular interface for short haul audio and video transfer in PCs, storage products and consumer electronics.

    A good way to reduce an organization?s environmental impact is though printing and imaging. This guide outlines a step-by-step approach to help IT leaders

    A new 3M Polarizing Beam Splitter enables high performance optical engines for Liquid Crystal on Silicon projectors. It overcomes the limitations of previous LCOS optical engines

    This white paper details HP's ePrint Enterprise software that makes it possible for BlackBerry smartphone users to experience mobile printing.

    The Hidden Risks of a "Bring Your Own Device" Mobility Model

    As companies deal with the Consumerization of enterprise mobility with a workforce that is younger and more tied to their smart devices, many large enterprises are asking themselves: Is Corporate Liable still realistic for my business?

    Electronic Discovery – why lawyers are still searching for the answers…

    On December 1, 2006, amendments to the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure concerning the discovery of electronically stored information went into effect bringing federal courts into the digital age.

    Moving Business Communication to the Cloud: Time to Outsource Your Fax, E-Mail and Voicemail?

    Legal IT departments are increasingly constrained by tight budgets. Hardware, software and regular maintenance costs remain stubbornly unpredictable, while firms are challenging IT departments to provide more and better services.

    Courtroom Trial Presentation Technology

    This paper seeks to explain the reason for this white paper, the benefits of modern courtroom technology and other issues surrounding it, and finally gives an extensive evaluation and comparison of the leading competitive trial presentation software.

    Could Your IT Support be Compromising Your IT Security?

    IT departments are spending countless hours and dollars to avoid data breaches, but many are leaving one door wide open to hackers: remote support.

    The End of eDiscovery Processing Fees

    Regardless of which software service is used or what pricing models are offered, you shouldn’t have to pay for ESI processing or software installation fees.